A Little Girl Who Was Abused When She Left Her Country

This little girl was 8 years old. She fled her country because of war. Syria was in a bad condition.

One day in a bomb explosion she lost her father and her brother. Now she was alone with her mother.

Her mother knew they needed to get out of the country. Her only choice was to live with her husband’s brother. He was not married. They all lived together until they could get out of Syria.

During this time, the mother and the uncle were in a relationship but the little girl did not know. …

A Little Girl Abused by Her Uncle

A woman told me her sad story:

“There was a family from India that moved to Europe. There were 5 brothers, they all got married and had families and lived together in one big house. They were happy. Their children played together and grew up together.

One of the brothers died, along with his wife. His little girl was an orphan. Now she lived with her oldest uncle. She was a very kind and quite girl. All of them loved her, her cousins and her uncles loved her.

Every day she went to school with her cousin, but every day she was sleeping in class. Every day the teacher took her out of class and to the principal’s office. …

Story — A Woman Who Lost Her Daughters

She was lucky like you. Her husband was a handsome, wealthy man who took good care of her. Her children were the joy of her life. Like a bird, that does not know whose bullet killed her, one day she fell down from the skies into the mud and she lost everything.

Her life changed direction. She realized that nobody was there to help her and she had to make difficult choices to care for her children. For some people life becomes very difficult. …

Afghanistan war; A young boy with three graves:

“I went to the hospital; I saw a completely burnt corpse on the bed. David had white skin and brown hair. I saw his hair was burned, his face and body were swollen. I screamed. I told the doctor that this is not my David. The doctor slowly rubbed his burnt face. He pulled and asked, “What is my son’s name?”

The heat of David’s death made his mother’s hair white and her eyes dim. The grief of Marzieh Arshadi, Davood’s mother, is still fresh two years after her death.

Davood was an 18-year-old boy who was killed more than two years ago in an attack on the “Promised Mehdi” training center in Kabul. At least 50 students were killed and about 70 others were injured in the incident, which was claimed by ISIS. …

A Little Boy Who Leaves His Country:

And Endures Abuse When I met Ahmed he was about 8 years old. He had come from Afghanistan and had lived in the refugee camp for one year.These were the rst words that he told me……“When I was in my country I was very happy I had a great life, I had friends. I had friends that were morethan friends, I loved them. And they loved me the same. I made my friends laugh and they were happy with me. But suddenly I lost everything. I lost my beau$ful life, my place, my friends….” He was so cute, he had beau$ful eyes, a beau$ful voice and a kind heart. He also had a sister that was two years older than him. But I could see that he was very sad. He always sat alone.I wanted to talk with him. But he was afraid, he was always trying to hide. I didn’t know how to help him. I could see that his family was also in a bad situa$on. They were looking at him like they were not able to do anything for him. That it was out of their control, they had no choice, and it would never change. I had to nd a way to make him feel comfortable with me, to show him that I was not going to hurt him.So, one $me I was talking with all of them in the same room. I was telling his mother that I would try my best to help him. Suddenly he was laughing, even though nothing was funny. I smiled at him and tried to understand.He was trying to talk to me but at the same $me he was crying.Suddenly he hugged me and said, “I am very $red, $red of everything…. I want to die. It is too di)cult tocon$nue like this, I am not strong enough to handle this.”Then he just stopped talking and started crying. He cried and cried un$l he felt beer. A+er that he triedto tell me what had happened to him and how he felt.He said, “Please don’t tell this to anyone. They will beat me, if they know that I have told someone. Theywill beat me and it will hurt me. I feel pain when they beat me….”Slowly he started to talk to me and to share what was going on in his life. “Since I came here I don’t live my life the way that I want to live. I see things that I shouldn’t see. I wish no one had to see these things. My mom and my sister they see all these things that they shouldn’t and it is all because of me, because I couldn’t help them because I am very weak and I couldn’t do anything for them.” Suddenly he turned to me, afraid, and asked, “Why do you want to know what has happened to me? Why are you interested in my life?” And he tried to hide. I knew he needed to share his problems so he can get out of this depression. But of course I could not force him to say something. …

Silsila Mahboub

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